The  Lost Deeds of Tulliebole Castle                       NRA (Scot)0333 (Addit)


The deed box was in the custody of Shepherd &  Wedderburn WS but is now lost.
(The contents were put up into the following numbered bundles in the course of a survey.)

Black Deed Box 'Tulliebole No. 2."

Burdle 1
Titles of lands of Rantrieknow, Tulliebole parish, sheriffdom
of Fife 1612-1722.

Bundle 2

Titles of lands of Knockintinny and Newbigging, Tulliebole
parish, sheriffdom of Fife, 1605-1710.

Bundle 3

Miscellaneous writs and papers 1588-1812 including titles to lands in
Tulliebole parish, and Testament of William Halliday of Tulliebole

Bundle 4

Miscellaneous legal and financial documents, discharges, etc
relating to family of Halliday of Tulliebole 1605-1714.  They include:
 Note of the Sowings of the lands of Bankhead. "  [N. D. 17th centuray]

Bundle 5

As bundle 4, 1708-1745.

Bundle 6

Miscellaneous titles of property in Tulliebole parish, 1555-1714.

Bundle 7

Miscellaneous titles and financial papers 1616-1750 including Plan of the ground near New Kirk
of Fossoway and Tulliebole by James Murray,
Factor to the Duke of Atholl, 12 May 1750, for glebe.

Bundle 8

Titles of land of Wester Coldrain, Tulliebole parish, Kinross sheriffdom,
belonging to Blackwood family, 1654-1710.

Bundle 9

Miscellaneous legal and financial papers, mainly relating to lands of Briglands,
Tulliebole parish, 1502-1711.  Includes summons against feuars of said lands as
to pasturing on Tulliebole May 1599 and copy Marriage Contract Mr George Muschet,
minister of Dunning, and Katherine Halliday 23 Feb. 1637, and rental of unidentified lands
1502 (very fragile).

Bundle 10

Miscellaneous legal and financial papers, mainly relating to lands of Ernyside,
parish of Fossoway, Perthshire, 1623-1632.

Bundle 11
Writs relating to lands of Ernyside, parish of Balgony, sheriffdom of Fife, 1588-1666.

Bundle 12

Miscellaneous titles mainly relating to lands in Tulliebole parish,
Kinross-shire, 1598-1815, but also including gift of tutory 26 Oct.
1549 in favour of Patrick Hepburn of Wauchton and Patrick Lawson oF
Bordland of Katherine Panter, daughter of late George P.,
burgess of Edinburgh.  Includes:
1-5 June 1598:  Contract of alienation whereby lands of Tullibole passed
to Halliday family.

Bundle 13

Writs of Quhorlawhill, barony and parish of Tulliboul,
sheriffdom of Fife, 1616-1755.  Bundle also includes articles of agreement
for sale to the Rev. Sir Harry Moncrief of Tillibol of a field
lying to the south of Tilliboll kirkyard, 1788.

Bundle 14

Papers relating to the Aytons and Alexanders of Kinglassie, 1677-1720.
Includes marriage contract between Captain Archibald Hay and Margaret
Ayton or Alexander, 10 March 1710.

Bundle 15

Writs of Brauchtie, parish of Carnbo, sheriffdom of Perth,

Bundle 16

Writs of Craighead, barony of Carnbo, sheriffdom of Perth,

Bundle 17

Writs of Claysick, parish of Tulliebole, sheriffdom of Fife,

Bundle 18

Writs of Nether Carnbo and miscellaneous lands in Tulliebole parish,
1605-1650. Including:

15 August 1605:  Charter for Conjunct infeftment in lands of
Tullibole on marriage contract between John Halliday, advocate,
eldest son of John H. of Tulliebole, advocate and Helen, daughter of William
Oliphant of Newton, advocate.

Bundle 19

Writs of a pendicle of land in Cruik of Dovan called the Smith's land,
in the barony of Tullibole and sheriffdom of Fife, 1662-1697.

Bundle 20

Miscellaneous writs and papers relating to the Hering of Glasclune and
Tulliebole family, the lands of Glasclune, and lands of Tullibole,

Bundle 21

Miscellaneous writs and financial papers relating to lands in
the parish of Tulliebole, 1598-1729.  Includes:

Great Seal Charter of 8 August 1598 of lands of Tuliebole in
favour of John Haliday, advocate.

Bundle 22

Four miscellaneous writs of Tullibole, sheriffdom of Fife,
1598. Special retour of Robert Haliday of Tullibole, 1725.
Diploma conferred by the "Rector et academia Edinburgensis
tota" on Mr John Haliday, 15 Feb. 1600, and diploma of M.A.
conferred on William Moncrieff by University of Glasgow,
1 May 1724.

Bundle 23

Miscellaneous legal and financial papers relating to Katherine
Haliday 1607-1655.

Bundle 24

Scheme of division of price of the lands of Tulliebole in
judicial sale 10 February 1749, and decreet of division of commonty of
Gallowhill of Kinross 20 February 1805.